About Me

"Who am I, An Adventure Seeker"

A passionate Adventure Traveller, who is seeking a journey to find the real meaning of LIFE. Through this adventure travel blog you could walk a journey through me across the world. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.


Life is either a daring Adventure or nothing at all. Now my life quest is to chase altitude and see the world from the top of the mountain. quote

Hiking Passion - 2013 (check here for the mountain I climbed)

Passion for hiking – Exposure to adventures

Passion for hiking just got started

Exploring places and meeting new friends along the trails in SINGAPORE

Singapore Trekking Group evolved

Chasing Volcanos and Dream Trip 2014.

  • Adventures to Malaysia
  • G7 Malaysia (Yong Belar)
  • Fanispan(3143m)-(Highest Of Indochina- Vietnam)
  • Rinjani(3726m) - Indonesia
  • Semeru(3676m) - Indonesia
  • Pinatubo - Philippines

Everest Base Camp (Nepal) - First step to 5000m+ above

First Seven Summit - 2015 

  • Rock Climbing Ceritication - Level 1&2
  • Abseiling Cerification - Level 1
  • Merapi (2891m) - Sumatra - Indonesia
  • Kota Kinabalu(4095m) - Highest Peak of Southeast Asia
  • Lantau Peak - Hongkong

First Seven Summit Kilimanjaro (5985m) - Rooftop of Africa

  • 2nd Trip Fanispan(3143m)-(Highest Of Indochina- Vietnam)
  • Highest Volcano of INDONESIA -Mount Kerinci (3805m)

The Rise of Chasing Altitude - 2016

  • The Frozen River Chadar Trek - (Leh-India)
  • Apo(2954m) - Highest Peak of Philippines
  • Pulag(2922m) – Third Highest Peak of Philippines
  • Gunung Tahan(2187m) - Highest point in Peninsular Malaysia

Second Seven Summit - Mt. Elbrus(5632m) - Russia

First adventure to 6000m+ Stok Kangri(6130m) – India (8Aug2016)

 Basic Mountaineering Course @ The Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports (JIM & WS) - Jammu and Kashmir - INDIA

My First Peak Climbing In Nepal – Mera Peak(6470m)



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